2. Продукция

CNI products are developed and approved in the Scientific Innovations Laboratory and are safe and highly effective. All products have necessary Russian and German certificates.

Gels for modeling perfect nails using the classical three-step nail extension system.

The three-step system: Successive applications of gels that perform different functions, if done correctly, provide the properties necessary for quality nails. The system includes: a base gel responsible for the bonding of the natural nail to the artificial material; a sculpturing gel to make the construction durable and smooth out the surface of the natural nail; a protective gel to protect the surface from physical and ultraviolet damage, or the action of nail polish, and gives the nails a pretty appearance (shine, luster).

In addition, it is possible to create designs between the layers of gel.

The one-step system means the use of one gel, which performs all the functions (base, sculpture and protection).

To achieve a perfect result in nail modeling we recommend the three step system.

The colored gels intended for creating the works of art of modern Nail Art. Dense, smooth and transparent under light, bright, pearlescent and neon, the unusual and matchless colored gel collections from CNI makes it possible to bring to life a technician’s most daring ideas and dreams, creating a festive mood as light and enchanting as the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings.

In 2006, for the first time in the world, the CNI Corporation presented a collection of hard colored gels, a fundamentally new product for the nail industry that requires technicians to have excellent brush skills. The gel is durable, maintains a well-defined boundary, does not run and is flexible and convenient in use. The clear and rich colors of these 3D gels make it possible for a technician to realize their fantasies and create different 3D designs both within the sculpture gel and on its surface.

CNI Corporation manufactures nail polishes and means for natural nails. Nail polish formula, has no analogues, corresponds to the five basic requirements of professional nail service: perfect color density from the first applying, even distribution on the nail plate without spaces, impeccable durability for a long time, quick drying, exquisite color palette. Fast drying covering protects from the aggressive actions of the external environment and guarantees an ideal and long lasting manicure.

The UV filter provides extra protection from the negative effects of sunlight.