Smart Nails. Three-phase smart system CNI.

Nails Restart. Fast. For long. Easily.

5 reasons to try SMART Nails

  • Fast: 60 minutes
  • For long: 4 weeks
  • No effort: minimum for nail filing
  • Strengthens the nail plate, fills irregularities and solves nail problems.
  • Can be use with any color gel polishes and gels.

Healthy strong nails in few touches. Less filing, longer wear!

Your new natural nails!

CNI Gel polish: Draw and cover!

  • Ultrathin durable coating
  • Steadfast intense color
  • The first drawing gel polish

Always fashionable and inspiring. Simple and perfect in work. For those who are in love with quality and value their time. Long dreamed. Luxurious and attractive, winning the hearts. Only one.A brilliant solution! Created by CNI.

Metallizer – liquid foil!

CNI presents royal golden color, sun kissed bronze and other 7 chrome shades of Metallizer! You’ll fall in love at the moment! Metallizer it’s the hit in the beauty-box of every nail-artist: easy application, economical consumption and great possibilities of all gel systems. Monocolor, game of contrasts or spectacular design – choose your own metal and shock with your dazzling manicures!

Metallizer dries on the air in 2 minutes!