Tendencies of Modern Nail Modeling.

Fifteen lessons – 160 academic hours

The course is calculated on 160 academic hours and is recommended for beginners.
Upon completion of training, participants receive an international certificate.
The training center helps with the search for models.
All practical lessons are hold at the training center materials.


    • History of the nail modeling
    • Organization of the work in the salon and modern trends of salon business
    • Anatomy and Microbiology (diseases of the skin and nails)
    • Disinfection and Sterilization
    • Materials and tools
    • Classification of gels
    • Nail modeling using nail tips
    • Nail modeling using disposable forms*
    • Design with liquid color gels
    • Use of design in modeling
    • Gel manicure*
    • Smart System. Modern alternative to traditional nail modeling
    • Gel correction*

* Practical lessons with “French”